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What we do in our spare time.

We bought our house in 2010, it was a foreclosure, and it was kind of a mess.
We didn’t pick our house based on style, or family needs, or even location, we picked our house based solely on price. We had a super tight budget (Thanx to my folks for helping us out with the down payment, for real 100% the best thing about being an only child, your parents don’t have any other kids asking them for stuff!)and this was what we could afford. We knew that with a bit of work (which has turned out to be A LOT of work) we could make it into a home that would really work for us!

Turning our house into a home, is a long, labour filled prosses, but we do it with love and we want to share it with you. (We are not great about taking before and after pictures, but we are working on it! Follow our story here to see how our family, our home and our business are all growing together.

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