Sarah Morrel

Family is everything to me. In fact, I’m one of five kids and so life is rarely boring. I have an identical twin and my younger brothers are also identical twins… My mom drove the wrong way down the highway when she found out about the second set.

I guess you could say I “discovered” photography, my junior year of high school when my twin sister and I took a family trip to London with our Grandparents. I used all of my cards, and burned through my batteries, in the first half of the trip. Every thing was so great, and new, I just had to photograph it all! The best part about it was, I felt like I got to bring a piece of London home with me, that made me really love photography.

I just graduated from Appalachian State University where I went to study Advertising, but after 2 years, I changed my major to Commercial Photography, I just felt like it was more “me”.

While learning about photography in textbooks  and classes is important, nothing has taught me as much as assisting at weddings and working in the studio. There is no substitute for practical, real world experience. I’ve learned the importance of continuing my education and I hope to never stop learning. I met my now bosses when they photographed my oldest brother’s wedding in 2010. Somehow they didn’t get the memo prior to the wedding that there were two sets of identical twins in the bridal party. {They still give me a hard time about it  whenever they can}

Here are some things everyone should know about me;

I love my alma mater, Appalachian State University. As much as I love Raleigh, I miss Boone everyday and love that Appalachian State turned me into a mountain girl.

I’m a people person. I love big families, large reunions and optimistic folk. This is part of why I love photography.

I love to run {and workout in general} A marathon is definitely on the bucket list.

I’m creative. I paint, draw, decorate interiors, sing and do just about anything artsy.

I love to clean and organize. It’s a little strange but nothing is better than a “straight” room.

Lastly, I love cake. Probably even more than Jenn loves cake 🙂 It’s my favorite food by a long shot.

Sarah came to us as an intern, and then didn’t run screaming, so we gave her a job. Officially she is our “office assistant”, but unofficially, she does all the stuff nobody else wants to do, it’s a thankless job, but we love her and she makes GREAT coffee, so she gets to stay. As well as being our office assistant, Sarah shoots weddings with us on weekends and is excited to be shooting weddings for Halftone Studios.

Sarah Morrel Photography