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I am an internationally published and award winning photographer living in North Carolina with my amazing wife Elizabeth. I’d love to say that I picked up a camera when I was 3 and knew right then that this is what I was meant to do, I then went on to become classically trained, all the while honing my artists eye, and with a culmination of a life worth’s of training and skill I am now and always have been “A Photographer” Sadly it is not so, I am classically trained… just not in photography. I majored in physics while attending college and it was at that time, while studying optics, that photography started to take over my life. From then on, I immersed myself into learning as much as I possibly could about this Photography to reach the point where I am now and I continue to work at my craft and learn new things at every opportunity, you truly, never stop learning. I’ve photographed all types of imagery, but spending time with people doing the things they love, with whom they love and capturing lasting images of those events is what I crave. While weddings are my main focus, I will photograph almost anything that speaks to me. I may reside in North Carolina, but I love to travel and love to shoot all over the world, in any place that my passport is accepted. Here are some things everyone should know about me; Dark chocolate and coffee are my Kryptonite I home brew We are a family of four; my beautiful wife, me, a dog and a cat… in that order, I hope I value sportsmanship over performance I’ve performed CPR twice Love to do anything outside Pat is an easy going, outdoor loving guy, given the opportunity I’m sure he would try and convince his wife that an airsteam, each other and a life on the road were all they could ever need. His natural calming personality, makes him a hit with frantic brides and stressed out mothers.