Jenn Aan


I live with my family in North Carolina. Although I am not a native, I am a southern girl, very southern, in fact, I was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I have been living in the USA for over a decade and I became a citizen on April 11 2014.

I have been photographing things since I was a little girl, my father’s love of precision and gadgetry has been passed down to me, and the memory of hanging out in my mothers office under the light box table in the dark room has given me an understanding of what it takes to physically produce a great image.

I have been working as a professional photographer since 2006. I am serious about my craft, and am always striving to learn new things, improve on old things and find a way to create something interesting.

The thing that I enjoy most about what I do, is that a single photograph has the ability to transport you back to a precious captured moment. A photograph is not just a piece of paper, it is a memory, an emotion, a tiny time machine. I love that.

Here are some things everyone should know about me;

I can not spell,

Math and I have a love/hate relationship,

I will not sing, {not even karaoke}

I love to laugh, any reason, any time, often at myself, but also, on occasion, at others

I love cake.

I hate working out {I will only run if I’m being chased}

I don’t have any hobbies, {unless you consider “avoiding housework” a hobby, I consider it a skill}

I love spending time with my family and friends.

I think napping should be a sport, If it was I would win a medal.

I think bacon, chocolate and butter are perfect foods.

Coffee could only be better if you could figure out a “direct, to the blood stream” caffeine delivery system {same goes for wine}

I don’t believe in birthday cards, but, in our house, we celebrate birthdays for as long as possible.

A love of, Lego, Star Wars, tiny robots, superhero comics, nerd glasses, animated anything, and a collection of lightsabers make me a better mother {according to my son, but, I think it’s the wine!}

Did I mention I love cake?

Jenn Aan runs the office (and writes the cheques) at Halftone Studios, sometimes she even gets to photograph things. The way to Jenn’s heart is paved with cupcakes and sarcasm and if you make her mad enough, she will yell at you either in a foreign language or with an accent! #funnywhenshesmad