With the age of digital everything increasing peoples access to photography in every form I find many more have an appreciation for truly great photography.

My love for the art began when I was little. My Grandfather, a Captain in the Navy, shot his first picture in WWII through a periscope of a submarine. It was a picture of a merchant ship going down in the Pacific. This image ended up on the cover of Time Life Magazine. Sadly, since his work was considered government property he did not get photo credit, but he never lost his passion.

I grew up in the age of film and the glamour of classic black and whites from the 1940’s still appeal to me today.

My Grandad was a great mentor and always encouraged me to explore my interest and love for the captured moment.

I took art classes all through Junior High, High School and College when I graduated, I joined the corporate world. Photography remained my first love. I didn’t get a chance to pursue photography professionally until I moved to Raleigh and became engaged to my now husband. To enhance my skills, I took digital photography classes and mentored under other photographers. I shot my first wedding in July 2002 and by April 2003 photography became my full time job. I joined the team at Halftone Studios in November 2013. I now have the opportunity to focus on the thing I love most about photography, the “photography” part, I have never been happier.

One of my proudest and most defining moments as a person and a photographer, came in the midst of heartache, as my mother, who was dying from cancer, told me that she was so happy I was finally doing something with my art. I will forever cherish her words,

Here are some things everyone should know about me;

I have two beautiful, active daughters, a wonderfully supportive husband and a crazy Labrador who thinks everyone wants to play with her (oh and a frog, don’t ask, and there used to be little hermit crabs, but thankfully, those have gone to little hermit crab heaven)

I am from Texas, where things are bigger and hairspray is an essential

My daily intake of coffee is probably well above the recommended level, and I survive on a steady intake of goldfish and Hershey’s kisses.

Love  to travel, anywhere, and before I was married I saw, Brazil, Costa Rica, Africa, France, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands and lived in Spain for two months, (I cant wait till the girls are old enough to really travel, we plan to see Greece, Egypt, Peru and a long list of others)

I love to read a good book, and hang out at the pool, but with family and work, its more the “idea” of those that I get to focus on, rather than the reality.

Diane is a 5-foot-something dynamo, she has a sweet little southern lilt and will charm the socks off of just about anyone, but don’t let that fool you, she has a whistle that could be heard a mile away and has corralled and tamed many a bridal party and wandering family member