Born and raised in small town North Carolina, I have been photographing the world since the mid-80’s, when I discovered my fathers Polaroid camera. Seeing the world through the view finder of a camera was appealing, but my obsession kicked into high gear in my teens, when, what started out as a way to ditch school, to process film, ended up becoming a lifelong pursuit of story telling through images.

I have been in the industry for 20 years, and I plan to be around for at least that many more.

I still live in North Carolina, with my incredibly patient wife (who is far to good for me) and two enthusiastic kids, who keep me on my toes.

Here are some things everyone should know about me;

Beer is its own food group.

I like sports, soccer, baseball, mma, surfing, I am not particular.

Hair is overrated.

I can sleep anywhere.


@therealbradmatthews is our resident rock star, he travels so much, we are never sure what time zone he is functioning in.

When he is around, he occasionally shoots weddings and portraits mostly he loves to photograph bands {any excuse to go to a concert}