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Something old, something new5 new trends we love

We have seen many new trends come and go in the past couple of years. Here are five ideas we love and wish we could see more of.

Unplugged weddings: In this crazy world of constant media updates and streaming everything, an unplugged wedding is a one way to ensure that all of your guests are really present to create memories with you.

wedding guests taking a selfie

Selfie time, sometimes we just want guests to be present.

*JA: It will also really help to get those pictures or video of people wiping away a tear as two individuals become one family. Read this article for another look at why this could be important.

Man of honor / Best woman / Flower grandma: Who doesn’t love a flower grandma? Tradition and convention have been turned on their ear. You can decide who the important people in your life are, and if that means having your brother standing by your side as the Man of Honor, so be it!

man of honor

Best bro of honor.

No “theme”: It is a wedding, that is the theme. Sure having a color palette or general idea of how you want the event to feel is a great way to make sure it is a smooth and cohesive event, but “midnight in Paris” and “Great Gatsby” can end up being more harmful than helpful as you get stuck spending all your time, picking the right costume piece or plate to fit your theme. Instead, plan on picking the things you and your partner love and feel representative of your relationship, then build from there.

good night kiss, wedding exit

Sparkler exits are almost impossible without a planner.

*JA: Profesional planners are so helpful when it comes to this kind of thing, they can really help you narrow down the choices, and point you in the right direction.

Intimate celebrations: In a few instances, bigger isn’t better. This could be one of those times. If making a guest list is causing you to break out in hives, and the idea of working through your to-do list has you waking up in a cold sweat, perhaps you should consider a more intimate affair. That does not always mean less expensive, sometimes it just means more focused. Think about heading out of town for a relaxing weekend wedding getaway.  Maybe a smaller venue with fewer guests and an emphasis on spending time with everyone is more your style.

father walks his little girl down the aisle

Make a grand entrance, for that big wedding feel.

Going green, doing good: This is my favorite! What greater way to commemorate your union than planting a tree together, something that can watch grow as your love does (awwww!) Feel free to skip the beer koozie with your names on it that you were planning to give to your guests, instead, consider making a donation to charity or cause that you feel strongly about. All those left over flowers, take them to a nursing home, leftover food, call a shelter to come by and pick it all up, share the love!

wild flowers

Jars and wild flowers for a unique arrangement

What are your favorite new trends? What are your favorite traditions? Tell us what you think by clicking below and leaving your comments.


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