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Making our house livable.

With only a week to make the house livable, we opted for the most basic of renovations. We ripped up all the carpet (thanx to my girls Katie and Brittany for getting your hands dirty, I couldn’t have done it without you) and replaced it with vinyl plank laminate (79c a square foot, and super easy to lay down, we did it ourselves)
We painted all the rooms, (Thanx mom!) and stained the kitchen cabinets (yip, mom was in charge of that too)
We had to buy all new appliances and got a great deal on a whole kitchen suite. Basic for now, but stainless steel and working, so hella upgrade!
The previous owners were evicted, and the house sat empty for a couple of years, so there was all kinds of damage. Someone smashed holes in the sink in the 2nd bathroom, so we replaced that. There was spray paint and sharpie on the drywall, nothing a good primer couldn’t fix, the landscaping was looted, no seriously, people stole plants, the custom closets were removed, light fixtures were broken or removed, and the granite countertops were replaced with builders grade Formica, just sort of placed on top of the cabinets.
We focused on the inside, did the best we could with our limited time and budget, and moved our butts on in!
So with very little sleep and no extra money or time, the house will stay in this state for a while. We have big plans for the space, so check back in to see what we get done.

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