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House upgrades

We have done a few things since we moved in, although nothing significant enough to warrant pictures and posts.

We removed the “wired shed” wich was put together like a bombshelter, complete with several steps down a rather strong oddor of mold and mildew, and the “wired” bit, turned out to be an extension cord running across the back yard.
We knocked out those faux columns in the living space, and made the opening larger to accommodate our plans for our future dining room.
We put up a wall across the opening of the original dinning room, with a set of french doors, which gave us a new usable office space.

We painted a few more things and were content to let things stand, until our first pretty big issue.
The front door.

If you have been following along, this is what it looked like when we bought the house. It was pretty boring, and we always had plans to change it eventually, but no real rush, until we noticed the grey-ish staining that appeared on the side lights.
With a little more investigating, we discovered that after a big storm we had, the door had absorbed water, like a sponge. Well that means a little DIY work was in our immediate future.

We found and ordered the door, made a plan to fix the water issue that was causing our current door to rot, and got to work.

We added a small rain diverting roof section over the front door, we matched it up with and tied it into the over hang that was already there. To make sure it was done right we cut back into the masonry and sealed everything with flashing, the proper sealants and all that other boring stuff (I’ll make Jimmy write about the technical bits in another post)

Once that was done, we got down to removing the door.
Just like most renovations, you never know whats going to be waiting for you when you get started.

What we found was, super gross!

Mold, fungus and water damaged studs. Oh my!

So out came the door, and the wall. Did you notice that brick? well, that used to be attached to the studs in the wall, that we just removed, yip, and that ledger board holding up the roof trusses, yeah, that was resting on those studs too. Temporary wall time! One to hold up the roof and one to brace the brick.

Our friendly neighborhood mold abatement team came by to clean up all the dangerous stuff, and I spent the rest of the day on the phone, panic calling, well everyone! Check back in to see how we fixed it all and what the finished new entry way looks like.

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