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10 ways to tell if eloping is for you.

We love (well, I love) anything wedding, but elopements hold a special place in my heart. Kind of like cracking open a cookie and eating the cream filling first, elopements let you get straight to the good stuff.

commit to being together through the hard stuff,
Worlds happiest newlyweds

There are many reasons to consider eloping, most of the time there is a financial component, but in our experience, while it is less expensive than a wedding, we find most of our couples are shedding the traditions of large formal weddings as much as they are saving money.
Elopements have increased in popularity in the last few years, and honestly, we are embracing them right along-side our couples. Think, all the best parts of weddings, without the formality and things that don’t resonate with you as a couple. They feel far more personal and authentic with the added bonus that they are typically less expensive and can be less labour-intensive. Most vendors will offer Exclusive Elopement Collections or packages, which can be great value for money.

Elopements at Fearrington village
You may kiss your partner

Elopements, 10 signs its right for you

  1. You don’t care about the date and time, really, Tuesday afternoon sounds just as good as Saturday evening.
  2. Your entire guest list consists of your immediate families and like five other people. (Do either of you even know 100 people you want to buy dinner for and hang out with all night?)
  3. An outfit is an outfit is an outfit. Sure you want to look your best as you pledge your life and love to the person who completes you, but who cares where you got it? As long as you love it and it makes you feel GORGEOUS, it’s the one!
  4. The idea of being the centre of attention in front of everyone you know makes you gag.
  5. Flowers and Linens and Stationary, Oh My! You fully understand how all of those things can set the tone for a beautiful affair, you just can’t seem to make yourself care enough to pick any and lets not even talk about paying for them, they all seem fine!
  6. Bridal party? Uhm, sure it would be nice to have someone to hang out with while you get ready. (you will need witnesses anyway!)
  7. Gift registry? Why? You already have dishes and a toaster. Can you register for something more, fun? (the answer to that is absolutely yes, click here to read more)
  8. You like the idea of getting married, but the planning of a wedding sounds like torture. Not to mention the “traditions” that don’t seem to represent either you or your partner at all. Toasts, garter or bouquet toss, smashing cake in each other’s faces. HARD PASS. Just gather the people you love, commit to being together through the hard stuff, and enjoy a meal with your closest family and friends.
  9. You have been together, so long people stopped asking when you are “going to make it official” and while it never really bothered you, it kinda feels like the right time to become a legally recognized couple.
  10. Weddings are great, but like kids, they are better when they are not yours. No matter how you chose to join your lives together, the end result is the only part that matters.
Elopement bride getting ready.
Cinderella moment

A quick thank you to all of our couples that answered our survey questions. As always, you are all fantastic and hilarious, and we couldn’t do any of what we do without you!

thanx for reading!
xoxo jenn.

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